Carpentries Governance

Governance of The Carpentries is undertaken by the Executive Council, to whom the Executive Director reports. The Council comprises nine members from the Software, Data, and Library Carpentry communities, four elected by the community, and five appointed from the Executive Council.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Council

The Carpentries Executive Council is the highest leadership body of The Carpentries project. It is responsible for strategic and organisational planning, selecting the Executive Director and evaluating their performance, financial oversight, identifying revenue streams and resource development, approving and monitoring The Carpentries programs and services, and enhancing The Carpentries public image. Members of the council also serve as advocates and ambassadors for the organisation, leveraging their networks to benefit the project’s reputation and fundraising. The Executive Council executes these responsibilities through a combination of monthly Executive Council meetings and regular correspondence and collaboration via email and online platforms.

Executive Council Meeting Minutes

Current Executive Council Members

  • Cedric Chambers [Appointed since 2020]
  • Mesfin Diro Chaka [Appointed since 2019], 2019 Secretary
  • Konrad Förstner [Elected since 2020], 2020 Code of Conduct committee liaison
  • Amy Hodge [Elected since 2018], 2019 Chair
  • Joslynn Lee [Appointed since 2019], 2020 Secretary
  • Paula Andrea Martinez [Elected since 2020]
  • Lex Nederbragt [Elected since 2018], 2020 Vice Chair, 2018 Secretary
  • Juan Steyn [Appointed since 2019], 2020 Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Wickes [Elected since 2018], 2020 Chair, 2019 Code of Conduct committee liaison

2019 Executive Council

  • Amy Hodge [Elected] - Chair
  • Kate Hertweck [Appointed] - Vice Chair
  • Mesfin Diro Chaka [Appointed] - Secretary
  • Raniere Silva [Elected] - Treasurer
  • Karen Cranston [Appointed] - Code of Conduct committee liaison
  • Juan Steyn [Appointed]
  • Joslynn Lee [Appointed]
  • Lex Nederbragt [Elected]
  • Elizabeth Wickes [Elected]

2018 Executive Council

  • Karen Cranston [Appointed] - Chair
  • Kate Hertweck [Appointed] - Vice Chair
  • Sue McClatchy [Appointed] - Treasurer
  • Mateusz Kuzak [Appointed]
  • Ethan White [Appointed]
  • Amy Hodge [Elected]
  • Elizabeth Wickes [Elected]
  • Raniere Silva [Elected]

Carpentries Bylaws and Policies

The Carpentries Bylaws can be found in the handbook. As well as our Code of Conduct, we have a number of policies that govern how we operate, including our Privacy Policy, our instructor ‘no-show’ policy and others.

Contacting the Executive Council

The Executive Council can be contacted submitting an issue to their GitHub repository; sending them an email; or by filling this form. Read more about how to contact the Executive Council.