Our Team

The Carpentries Team

Meet Carpentries staff and others who work with us

We work in teams to manage our day to day work and our large projects. Read more about who is on each team and what each team does.

Tracy K. Teal, PhD

Executive Director
Leadership Team and Business Team Lead
Job Plan

Erin Becker, PhD

Associate Director
Curriculum Team Lead
Job Plan

Kari L. Jordan, PhD

Senior Director of Equity and Assessment
Job Plan

Elizabeth Williams

Director of Membership
Membership Team Lead
Job Plan

François Michonneau, PhD

Curriculum Development Lead
Infrastructure Team Lead
Job Plan

Karen Word, PhD

Deputy Director of Instructor Training
Instructor Training Team Lead
Job Plan

Maneesha Sane

Program Manager
Job Plan

Serah Njambi Rono

Community Engagement Lead
Community Development Team Lead
Job Plan

SherAaron Hurt

Workshop and Logistics Manager
Workshops Team Lead
Job Plan

Talisha Sutton-Kennedy

Administrative Support Specialist
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