Carpentries en Latinoamérica

This group works to build a sustainable and active Carpentries community in Latin America. This group also includes the Spanish Translators Team. That team translates and maintains Spanish-language Carpentries lessons.

Our Goal:
To build a strong Carpentries community right across Latin America.

Our Approach:
The Spanish Translators Team has regular meetings. See the minutes of past meetings.

Our Structure:
The group is large and roles overlap between the many different activities.

Current Members:
The group has too many members to list here. You can find out more about the group members, and where they are located, and what the group has achieved so far in this blog post - Carpentries for Latin America - English version | Carpentries para Latinoamerica - Spanish version.

Contacting Carpentries en Latinoamérica:
Join the Carpentries en Latinoamérica group mailing list.

Join the mailing list for the Spanish Translators Team.

Only a handful of the Carpentries en Latinoamérica group were able to attend CarpentryCon 2018, where this picture was taken. The group has many more members.

CarpentryCon2018 @ Dublin

(L-R): Renato Correa dos Santos, Ian Flores Siaca, Francisco Palm, Paula Martinez, Raniere Silva, Nicolás Palopoli, Gladys Nalvarte.

Image CC BY-SA by Bérénice Batut. Go to original image.