Pathways for Engagement

There are lots of ways to get involved in our community and many different ways to support the work of the Carpentries.

Pathways for Engagement - Institutions

Become a Member

Institutions such as universities and research institutes can best support The Carpentries by becoming a member organisation. Member organisations make a commitment to the growth and spread of The Carpentries, and receive priority access to instructor training as well as guidance with local capacity building within their organisation.

CarpentryCon 2018, our key community building event this year, will be held in Dublin from 30 May - 1 June, 2018. We are still seeking sonsorship to make this a truly global and diverse event that both celebrates our global community and helps foster the professional development of the research leaders of the future. Can you help? Read about what benefits sponsorship will bring.

Pathways for Engagement - Individuals

Individuals have many ways to get involved. See our community page.

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