Job Opportunities with The Carpentries

The Carpentries is searching for four new full-time team members to join our global, mission-driven organisation. These new roles will work with and serve our volunteer community - comprised of 50,000 learners, 2,000 instructors, 80 Trainers, and 85 member organisations from research institutions around the world. See below for descriptions and links to apply.

Deputy Director of Instructor Training

We are hiring a Deputy Director of Instructor Training to support our global Instructor Training community, train and onboard new Instructor Trainers (who teach our Instructors), and develop an assessment strategy to examine the impact of our Instructor Training and Trainer Training programs.

Curriculum Development Roles

To support our Curriculum Development program, we are hiring two new team members. The Curriculum Community Developer will have a broad responsibility to develop community and guidelines around open, collaborative curriculum development within the scientific, open source software, and research ecosystem. They will work closely with the new Lesson Infrastructure Technology Developer, who will develop infrastructure and processes to support hosting, curation, and discoverability of community-developed lessons.

Communications Manager

We are also hiring a Communications Manager to work closely with Serah Njambi Rono, our Community Engagement Lead, to develop and execute the day-to-day internal and external communications workflows necessary to keep our community informed and engaged.

Posting date: 26 November 2019 Application review begins 11 December 2019. Positions will remain open until filled. Apply by submitting a cover letter and resume or CV to Please indicate all positions you are applying for in your cover letter. Please also clearly indicate the country in which you pay taxes.

Questions about these positions? Please email